Hi my name is Sarah Milne, I am passionate about working with people to eradicate their fear and rebuild their lives based on confidence and vision.

" I love seeing the difference it makes to people’s lives and the lives of those around them"

When I was a little girl, so small I was only just walking, I disappeared from our home and my mother couldn’t find me.  I was so little I have no recollection of the event, but my mother recounted her panic as she searched for me.  Finally, she found me across the road in a paddock with horses.  There I was, toddling on my little legs, picking strands of grass to feed the two enormous horses that towered over me.

Why are some people born with a huge love of horses and other people not?   I don’t know the answer to that question, but if you are consumed by the love of horses there is nothing you can do but go with it.  Horses became a huge part of my life.  I spent countless hours with them, grooming, riding, training, competing, and breeding them. 

I have been very fortunate because horses have taken me on some huge adventures.  One of my earlier horses Bush Singlet took me on to the New Zealand Three Day Event Olympic short list.  However, it all came to a disappointing end when Bush Singlet refused to tolerate air travel and so couldn’t represent New Zealand against Australia, nor carry on to the Los Angeles Olympics.

Another horse that I bred backed and trained called Writzmarc, went on to represent Holland at the Barcelona Olympics and finish as the highest placed horse for his new country ridden by Martin Lips.  Yet another horse called Espionage, bought cheaply off the racetrack, developed into a National Championship winner before being sold to Canada where he partnered Nick Homes-Smith in the Seoul Olympics. 

There have been a host of other horses who have won National Championships before being sold on to achieve even greater accolades, including Highly Recommended, Springfield, Double O Eight, Eon and others.  Combine this with the opportunity to ride and learn in Europe, Level III Parelli Qualification, Equestrian Sport New Zealand Teaching and a lifetime passion for learning, and you are beginning to understand who I am.

During the time I had horses, I also studied sports psychology through to completing a Masters degree followed by a second Masters degree.  I am very interested in the involvement the mind has in achieving sporting results, overcoming anxiety or fear, staying focused in the face of testing odds and producing winning performances.  This focus has developed into presenting sports psychology clinics full of advice and tips that participants can begin using immediately. 

More recently my fiancé Paul Boyack and I went horse riding throughout the United States on two Missouri Fox Trotters.  This adventure re-taught me the richness of the horse-human relationship and how incredibly special it is.

As I taught riders, I became aware of how crippling anxiety and fear can be for horse riders.  Whether it is the threat of spectators or the fear of falling, or something in between, it can cripple people’s riding attainment.  I studied and studied and spent the next twelve years developing and refining this course.  I also obtained extra qualifications in hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic programming.  This course is the culmination of this work.  And I owe a huge thank you to my fiancé Paul Boyack who put in months to develop the course in to the online programme you see today.

This on-line training course is specifically for YOU to create confidence with your horse riding, and to establish a winning relationship with your horse.

Sign up to this course and learn more about yourself.  You will never be the same person again, because this course will teach you so many new skills and confidences you will have no choice but to change.  You will become more focused, happier, more successful.  Best of all, your relationship with your horse will improve and you will enjoy your horse riding more. 

Welcome to Confidence Creators for Horse Riders.